[FF] The Guy Who Never Spoke


Author : n

tittle : The guy who never spoke

Main cast : Toru as Teruo and Namika (fictional character)

Support cast : Miki (fc)

Genre : Friendship and Romantic? maybe

Rating : PG-13

Length : sequel


At our school there was a rumor that we have a good looking ghost. But the truth, his existence was really invisible because we never knew if he suddenly appeared out nowhere. Although I’ve not seen him in person that makes me curious hence someone said the guy who never spoke to anyone. Okay, how could that impossible? How could he even survive with no interaction at all? This is really abnormal for me to cared about people I never meet in school.

“ Naaaaaa-miii-kaaaaaa!!!.” The voice who shouted at my ear. “ Namika, I heard our classmate saw the good looking ghost at class 3-F.” Said miki in enthusiasm way.
“Ehhh? Lets ask to our classmate what the guy’s face look like!!!.” Then we were in hurry went to classroom.

“ Hey classmate!! I heard you saw him the ghost?? What his look like???.” Asked Miki
“Errr, he’s so mysterious but annoying handsome as hell”
“ tell me more please”
“ he can’t even speak while in class. I saw him just using notes to communicate with the teacher”
Me and Miki give a look each other then we are planning to stalk him after school.
The time is coming when the teacher rang the bell sign for the school day is over. We were running as fast as possible to the class 3-F.
“ where I can’t see the ghost?”
“ Look, is that the good looking guy at the back seat seems so mysterious?”. Said Miki tried to point out him from the window of class-F.
“ ah!! He’s gonna out from class, lets us hide somewhere!!.” I said while turned my head to side. The unexpected scene I never ever see was…
The brave woman friend of mine reached his arm and tried to talk to him while walking in the hallway.
“ hi, I’m Miki. Whats your name?”
“ …………………”
“ hello, can you answer my question?”
“ errrrr, can you…..speak?”
The guy just ignored my friend and passed her behind. The face of miki was stunning no move at all only stand behind looking his back.
“ Namika, I just found my soulmate”
I was walking towards her and slapped her back.“ Are you out of mind? “
“ Namika, his eyes are so cool. I can’t even breath beside him. I am really curious about his voice! And why the guy can’t even speak out a single word?.”
“ Miki, I give up on him. I should focus for midterm exam next week.” I said in a lower voice.
“ no way! , okay I will be honest to you…. Actually, the other day I heard some of his classmates were having conversation they said when the first day of school he was a popular because of his good looking. Many girls really into him until the day they found out he never speak to anyone since child and called him autism and it’s like no present at all, with or without his existence being forgotten by anyone.” Miki told me a long story about him as we walked out from school.
When at home I recalled in my brain what Miki told me seems so natural and mysterious one it became unsolved case for me. In the other hand, I want to help him to make a friend even though its none of my business.

Today, I stalked him by myself without Miki during a break time. I saw him walking to upstair and going to rooftop of school. I walked behind him silently. When arrived at rooftop his eyes meet mine. I tried to look around. Since he caught me being here. I let my self approached and took a seat beside him in the corner. The expression of his face look like gachapin. If you did not know what gachapin is. try to browsing on the internet. Its just look like him no expression at all. But his handsomeness is so annoying. Then I tried to make open conversation with him.
“ Konichiwa, I’m Namika Hitoshima from 3-B. Let me know your name? “
“ the weather is so nice ne?.the air is so cool I love it”
“ whats your lunch? Oh the steaks? So delicious ne? I have burger I don’t want to eat rice anyway”
“ ah. I forgot I should go to my friend she’s waiting me. Just let me finish my meal, okay?
Okay the conversation itself not going well its like I talked with myself, no responded from the other side. After I finished my meal. I took a glance slightly to him. Actually he is so innocent in the way he ate unfortunately I can not even get a chance to talk with. Maybe next time I try it again.




The next day, I tried to talk to him again.
“ hi, can I have a lunch with you”.
“ don’t worry I’m not greedy. I’m innocent girl you know”
“Do you want my food?.”
“ ah, I know I know”

The conversation was over I guess I was going to give up on him. When class is about to started. I was in hurry left him behind and walked into my classroom.
“ Namika, hows your lunch with him?”. Asked Miki
“ errr, just nothing…. We should focus to the quiz”
“ you are no fun…. Ah! The teacher is coming.” The class started and doing some quiz given by the teacher.


The next two days, I was going to rooftop again. there’s nobody here. I was looking for him anywhere in rooftop seems no presence at all so I just let out my stress after a hard subject a while ago. How I handle my stress is to singing loud in a quite place when there’s nobody.
Wherever you are, I’ll always make you smile
Wherever you are, I’m always by your side
Whatever you say, kimi wo omou kimochi
I promise you “forever” right now…..


“ cool.”
The stranger voice that I’ve never heard got me a chill. I turned and see whose the voice was.“ Gachapin????.” I’ve never known that his voice is so deep. Was this the first time he speak even just a single word? So surprised he got husky voice. I can’t believe it. Okay I’m stunned now.
“…………………….”. He bring out the notes and wrote a sentence.“ can you stop staring at me?”
“ eeehhhhh?????.” I said blushing worse than red tomato. Then the gachapin was going to the corner and got some food to eat. I tried to manage my face back to normal face.
“ do you like eating alone in this place?.” Asked me. “…………………” Okay I will never expect him to talk then. Me crying in the corner ( T_T )
“ eummm, I feel so relieved that I heard your voice. May I know why can’t you speak to anyone?.” Aahh so frustrated its so early to asked about it.
He bring out again his notes and tried to write some word. “ I can’t tell you”


In the Sunday morning, My brother asked me to go to the market. I should buy what he requested. Errrr I didn’t like going to market but its just the sake for a delicious food cooked by my brother.

“ Onion, sausages, cucumber,apple, banana… what????? What he’s trying to cook. Really?.”
After I finished my shopping. Again I saw a familiar face in the park not far from my house. He was playing a guitar. I tried to approach what the tones he played. So good to hearing this music he really has a talent suddenly changing played ‘whenever you are’ tones. When I got a chance to see his clear face.
“………………………”. He looked at me with wide open eyes. All of sudden he reached my wrist. Then we were going to somewhere else. Finally, we stopped running at under a railway bridge.
“ gachapin, are you okay?.” Asked me with a lower voice.
His face looked so angry. “ are you angry at me?.” Asked me again in a confusion way. He tried to look into my eyes intently until I felt my back hit a stone wall. His height was taller than me. My height only reached his shoulder. Suddenly his finger rubbed my cheek.
“ EEEhhhhhh?????.” I was so surprise what he was doing at me that is why my shopping bag fell down.
“ may I know your name?.” Asked me. Okay this is my last question. I will never ask it again because its so frustrated that he can’t tell the name.
Deg.. Deg.. My heart was beating so hard.
One word again coming out from his mouth. So cute!
“ Teruoooo-kun. You are so cute when you speak, you have a deep voice actually this is a second time I heard it.” What the… what I’ve said to him its so cheesy. I looked out to his face. Still no expression at all just like gachapin so straight face. He waved his hands at me saying like bye see you tomorrow.

When I arrived at my home. My brother pinched my cheek and said “ why so late??? I’m waiting for almost 2 hours! Where were you going?.” I was just grinning. “ my boyfriend is so tall. I can’t even leave him behind.”
“ who’s your boyfriend?”
“ Gachapin”
“ ah. I know my little sister is so insane. I understand what she feels. I’m so sorry for being his brother. I can’t even speak to the neighbors she is truly stupid insane.”
“ brother, you are so stupid too. What are you trying to cook with these fruits and sausages?.”


The next morning in our school Miki gave me a chocolates and smiled at me happily. I don’t know what she is thinking. Why these people now a days so weird. No, I am actually the weirdo one.
“ Good morning, Namika-chan.”
“Good morning, Eehhh? You never called me with -chan. This is first time ne.” As we walked into classroom and took a seat.
“ My boyfriend…. Ah no. My childhood friend just coming back from abroad and he gave me these chocolates. Its so delicious try to eat, okay?.” I just nodded.


At lunch break, I was going to usual place that’s rooftop. I see nothing. Where is he?. So I guess I would be eating alone. After I finished my meal. I tried to sing again like the last time. I let out my voice so loud into sky. I heard someone foot step approached me with his guitar playing ‘whenever you are’. Finally, we had a good collaboration. I just sang sincerely with him. Our eyes meet each other. We were staring at each other for a long time until the bell was ringing.
“ Teruo-kun, I should go back”
“ hahaha, so straight face……………….. see you.” I walked out left him behind and I feel he was following me until in front of my classroom.”
“ Gachapin…. Eh no Teruo-kun. Why are you followed me here?.” He just waved again his hands to me and walking to the other way.


The final exam is coming soon. We were so busy with our assignment and quizzes. It was so frustrating because I can not even relax like the last time. During break time, the usual me going to rooftop but now not anymore. I and miki were going to study at library. Indeed so many people here.
“ Namika, are you sure you wont see him?.” Asked Miki and tried to get a book in bookshelf,
“ I won’t wasting my time”
I took a seat and started study for the exam while Miki just open close open close the book. Is she serious to study or just want to be called ‘smart girl’. I can’t waste my time to thinking about it.

“ here he is the good looking ghost.” Said by someone the other side.
I looked out the guy reached my arm and took me out from library. All the people there just stunning while they saw us like this. And I heard someone mumbled “ are they dating?.”


His voice got me a chill. No way this is the first time he called my name. Then he bring out again the notes that his writing tell me “ I wil let you know why I can’t speak to anyone. After our finals exam. If you get ‘A’ grades I promise I will tell you.”
“ Teruo-kun.” He was trying to motivate me? Not only his face has a good looking but actually he is so kind.


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